drip 1 - Introduction

Lesson Summary

We are diving into the critical care of feline patients, starting with CPR and hypertension. Basic life support (BLS) is the most important aspect of CPR. The RECOVER program helps standardize CPR protocols. Updated guidelines for CPR will be released from 2021 to 2025. Other categories in CPR include preparedness and prevention, advanced life support (ALS), and monitoring and care post-resuscitation.

Having a well-stocked crash cart is essential for performing effective CPR. The cart should include a defibrillator, as shockable rhythms may occur during an arrest. One well-stocked crash cart is usually sufficient for a primary care hospital, preferably in an area where most anesthesia and sedation procedures are performed. Cognitive aids, such as visual cues, should be available in the crash cart area to assist with the correct administration of CPR.

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