Basic Skin Cytology

2.5 RACE-approved medical non-interactive hours

Course Description

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Presented by David Robson, BVSc, Dermatologist

The focus of the course will be on accurate cytological identification of clinically relevant common skin and ear infections. While that does not sound like much initially, there is much more to this than first appears to get it right, from setting up the microscope, to knowing where and when and how to sample, as well as identification of both relevant and irrelevant findings under the microscope and assessing the significant of the findings. If you want to take your dermatology to the next level, this course is where you need to start.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, the participant should be able to
understand basic microscope function, set up and cleaning.

  • understand when and how to sample skin for cytology, and how.
  • understand how to stain samples for examination.
  • identify basic inflammatory cells, common infectious organisms and to reliably semi-quantitate these for both recording and clinical relevance.
  • identify common artifacts and contaminants.

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