Welcome, Future Doctors

drip.vet delivers a variety of learning experiences and opportunities for veterinary students.

College Teaching Program

Drip.vet is contracted to deliver legal, ethical, business, financial and career development materials as part of the mandatory curriculum in more than 15 veterinary schools. Drip.vet provides a hybrid teaching method to these schools that includes asynchronous materials coupled with either in-person or moderated virtual sessions.

VBMA Seminars

In conjunction with the College Teaching Program, drip.vet works with individual VBMA chapters to schedule seminars with Dr. Lance Roasa on an as-requested basis. Chapters that reach out are provided with a 1-hour lunchtime or evening virtual seminars on a topic of their choosing from a provided list. These moderated webinars are designed to be intensely interactive to allow for as much back and forth between the students and Dr. Roasa as possible.

Modern Veterinary Mentorship

Mentorship resources for students, veterinarians and technicians.

Veterinary Information Network Student Center

VIN and your VIN member colleagues are dedicated to providing you with the resources you need to effectively and confidently face the every day challenges of a veterinary student. Your VIN student membership is free.