Opioid 411 in 2023 (2-hour)


In production; to be released no later than December 20, 2023

2 Race-approved, Non-Interactive CE hours (1 Medical, 1 Non-Medical)

Opioid 411 Updated 2023

Tuition: drip.vet $49.99

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This course fulfills mandates in states that mandate continuing education in opioids and controlled substances. It provides learners with a broad range of expert-level knowledge on subjects including federal controlled substance laws, best practices for prescribing and management of controlled substances including benzodiazepine and opioid medications, use of electronic PDMPs, dispensing controlled substances, recognition of substance abuse, signs of opioid abuse, addiction and diversion, opioid use and dependency in office staff, clients and co-workers, use, misuse, documentation, safeguarding and monitoring controlled substances, controlled substance diversion, inventory and security, treatment of chronic pain, and controlled substance prescribing for chronic pain management.

Visit your State CE Hub for current information or if you have questions about the requirements.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, the participant should be able to:
Introduce the topic, review statistics & discuss federal controlled substance laws

  • Review best practices for prescribing controlled substances, including benzodiazepine & opioid medications
  • Discuss dispensing of controlled substances
  • Review use of state electronic PDMP systems
  • Review how to recognize substance abuse
  • Discuss the signs of opioid abuse & addiction
  • Review opioid use & dependency in office staff, clients & co-workers
  • Review the management of controlled substances, including benzodiazepine & opioid medications
  • Discuss the signs of opioid diversion
  • Review the use, misuse, documentation & safeguarding of controlled substances
  • Discuss monitoring controlled substances